About Us - Principal's Message

Darwin Middle School is designed for the primary purpose of providing opportunity, the school motto being “Opening doors to successful futures”. This opportunity is designed to cater for the specific learning and social needs of young adolescents through innovation and contemporary educational practices. Middle schooling is strategically linked to the early and later years, focuses on student needs and fosters caring relationships in a safe and stimulating environment, with a student centred and evidence based curriculum. The strong partnership between Darwin Middle School and Darwin High School provides a seamless pathway for 6 years of schooling. Darwin Middle School has an exceptional record of student achievement which correlates with its academic success in interschool challenges and through the National Assessment Programme. Darwin Middle School looks for the gift and strength of every student giving every young person enrolled the ability to shine.

Imbedded in our school values is the belief that all students, staff and parents are responsible will work together to ensure:

  • High behavioural standards
  • Quality Teaching/ Innovative Educational Programs
  • A Safe School Environment
  • High Academic Outcomes

Darwin Middle School is a centre for learning which is linked to its local and global community. Our educational program reflects both these environments and provides for a rewarding experience now and prepares students for their futures.

Our school values:

  • Trusting and Respectful Relationships
  • Building our Student’s Social and Emotional Well-being
  • Evidence Based Decision Making
  • A focus on Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT
  • Holistic Student Development
  • Learning Centred Programs
  • Authentic Assessment and Standards
  • Teamwork
  • A Shared Vision of Mission and Goals

To future students, parents and staff welcome. I want you to enjoy the experience of being part of this school community and seize the opportunity provided.


Marcus Dixon