Education - Music

Music at Darwin Middle School begins with an introduction to music theory, aural training and basic instrumental skills. These concepts and skills are learned through the integrated activities of listening, performing, composing and improvising through various units of work that become more complex over time.

The Darwin Middle School Choir and Concert Band rehearse once a week and have opportunities to perform throughout the year.


Instrumental and vocal lessons are offered through the Northern Territory Music School whose tutors visit Darwin Middle School once a week to deliver lessons.


A group of students have worked together and written and sung their own song, titled ‘Different Voices’.
To listen to the song, please click on one of the links below:

Click the above icon to download the song - Please note it is 10Mb in size


The writing group included: Elijah Malibiran, Jacqui Wilcocks, Danny Thorne (also our resident ‘beatboxer’), Casey Warr, Desiree Philp, Priscilla Lorenz, Cassidy Pratt, Jessica Gibb, Emma Tatnell, Alone Nona, Amber Parrish, Kieran Ison and Sarah Meldrum. The singing group included: Virginia Cardona, Anthony Nicholls, Anna Blackwell. Both Adrian Wright and Harry Winspear were a part of the writing and singing groups. The students had fun working together and creating this original song. It’s worth a listen!