Education - Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition at Darwin Middle School is a synthesis of strands within the ‘Design and Technologies’ and ‘Health and Physical Education’ curriculum areas within the Australian National Curriculum (ACARA).

The subject is taught with increasing levels of technical skills and food knowledge as the student progress’s through the year levels.

At Year 7 level, students will work on aspects of safety and hygiene when preparing food, and their skills in basic cooking will be developed through practical observation and participation. Further to that, their knowledge of Food nutrition will start with a basic overview of various nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and an understanding of why our bodies need a balance of all nutrients to live a healthy fulfilling life.

In Year 8, students will continue working on aspects of safety and hygiene when preparing food, as well as costing recipes for production. They will be able to calculate the calories/kilojoules of the different foods and the percentage of their daily intake that these recipes will use. Further they will be demonstrating their increasing skills in the kitchen through a program of cooking sessions, culminating in a Lunch product designed for sale in the Driftwood Cafe.

In Year 9 students will be enhancing their skills acquired in previous years; safety and hygiene, costing recipes as well as environmental and nutritional values, in particular the role a balanced diet plays in staying healthy and fit. Throughout the semester, students will work in cooperative groups to respond to open-ended questions and take responsibility for their own learning.  They will cover the essential nutrients, their roles and sources, and how they affect nutrition at different life stages. As well as lifestyle diets, and local, national and global nutrition issues.