Education - History

Year 8 

In year 8 History, students develop understandings about how human history is marked by significant social, economic, religious and political changes. They learn how the modern world began to take shape during this period. There are three depth studies for this historical period. For each depth study, there are up to four electives that focus on a particular society, event, movement or development. One elective from each depth study will be researched in detail. Electives may include The Vikings, Medieval Europe, Japan under the Shoguns and the Back Death. Within the course, students will sequence events and developments within a chronological framework with reference to periods of time. Students will also study and interpret a variety of sources, identifying their origin and purpose, and distinguish between fact and opinion.

Year 9

By the end of Year 9, students are able to explicitly relate their knowledge and understanding of the history of the period from 1750 – 1918. Students will learn about how the modern world was made through the movement of people in this era including industrialisation, colonisation, Federation and World War One. Students will readily use a range of key concepts (social, cultural, economic and political). They will interrogate primary and secondary sources with consideration for origin, purpose, content and usefulness. When inquiring into the past, students investigate a range of sources to develop an interpretation about the past, independently. They refer to information from a variety of viewpoints and connect similar ideas to form and support an interpretation.