For Parents - Uniforms & Stationery


All uniforms can be purchased from the Administration Office.  EFTPOS facilities are available

Boys Uniform Girls Uniform
Unisex T Shirt $32.50 Girls T Shirt $32.50
Unisex Shorts $25.00 All Girls Shorts $25.00


Students will require a selection of basic stationery items, a scientific calculator and a memory stick whilst attending school. Stationery and calculators are available for purchase by students at the Administration Office before and after school or during recess and lunch. Students are not permitted to purchase stationery during class time.

A book pack may contain exercise books, maths books, student diary, pencil case, pens and pencils, coloured pencils, eraser, sharpener, compass, protractor, ruler, glue stick and scissors and are available for purchase at the beginning of the school year.

Price varies depending on content. Please contact the Administration Office for further details.