Student Services - Pastoral Care

Darwin Middle School aims to provide effective guidance for the personal development of each student.

Pastoral care is concerned with the academic, emotional and physical welfare of individual students.

Pastoral Care is the responsibility of all teachers to come to know students in the widest sense and to establish a classroom atmosphere which encourages growth, self discipline and the acceptance of personal accountability. 

Each member of staff is expected to understand the responsibility he or she has to provide this level of care and support for the students, provide the widest possible education for the students, and instill the values and high standards the School embraces.

Pastoral Care at Darwin Middle School is regarded as part of every teacher’s and teacher-aide’s daily interaction with students. This involves setting up a warm and accepting environment in which children feel safe and happy.  It involves modelling appropriate behaviour and attitudes, and encouraging increasingly mature and responsible personal and social growth in students. Cognitive development takes place within this framework.