Student Services - Student Support

Student Services Co-ordinator
The student services co-ordinator works with appropriate school personnel to support the school in managing students who have special needs by working direcly with students who have special needs, and their families; supporting teachers by working together to develop effective teaching, learning and behaviour strategies; and implementing programs designed to cater to individual student needs.

School Counsellor
The school counsellor provides comprehensive counseling programs to students, staff and the community through: personal and group counseling, liaison / advocating with school staff regarding student welfare, referral and liaison with established networks of welfare agencies and personnel and staff support.

Defence Transition Mentor (DTM)
The Defence Transition Mentor provides support to students of Australian Defence Force (ADF)members and their families, particularly during their transition into and out of a school on posting or during parental absences due to deployment, exercise or courses. The DTM works in schools to provide information, support and referral to students from mobile ADF families.

Home Liaison Officer (HLO)
The Home Liaison Officer maintains communication links between the school and families through phone calls, home visits and record keeping of student absences.   The Home Liaison Officer provides support to students and their families with all attendance issues

School Nurse
The Health Promoting School Nurse focuses on Health Promotion and Primary Health Care. Immunisation programs are run during the year eg HPV (Human Papilloma Virus ) for year 7 girls and all year 8 students are offered  Boostrix (Adult Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis) and Varicella (chickenpox). A Manoux test for Tuberculosis is conducted annually for year 8 students who are indigenous or born overseas.

The school nurse assists classroom teachers in subjects related to health such as, first aid, contraception, alcohol and drugs, management of asthma and other medical conditions. Students are encouraged to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and to eat a healthy diet. FREE dental treatment is available to all Middle School students, for any enquiries please phone 89226466.